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Open sourcing my pet project

While working on my pet project, called Build Notifier, I’m reminded of the xkcd comic about automation. Having spent more time than initially calculated, I’m taking a break on it.

However, instead of archiving it on my hard drive - only to never look at the code again - I’m open sourcing my little developer tool in the hopes it can reach more developers and other interested souls.

You could say it’s the typical “For Developers, By Developers” thing. It started as a fun side project, born out of some frustration regarding bitbucket pipeline dashboards (and other CI/CD tools I’ve used in the past).

Guessing I’m not the only developer having trouble with having a good CI/CD overview in larger projects spanning a lot of different builds and deploys, I hope this little tool can support you in your daily developer struggles.

You’ll find the code on github.


Last modified on 2020-11-27